Thank you for visiting the BergPresidencyProject. We are a diverse group of students at Muhlenberg College who share an interest in the study of the American presidency and executive power. We view ourselves as students, not experts, and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Photograph of Dr. Lanethea Mathews-Schultz

Lanethea Mathews-Schultz is professor and chair of political science. Her research interests include American political institutions, political behavior, and gender and American political development. She teaches courses on gender and politics, the American presidency, and the US Congress.

photograph of Liv Barry

Liv Barry is a junior studying Political Science and Media and Communication. She works at the Office of Community Engagement as a student coordinator of America Reads. Her interest in the presidency revolves around the role of campaigning, as well as the history of women in presidential campaigns and elections.

photograph of Elena Bresnan

Elena Bresnan is a junior Political Science major and Sociology minor. On campus, she is secretary of the College Democrats, a member of the Zeta Chi chapter of Alpha Chi Omega, and is an active participant in the Muhlenberg Theater Association. Her interests regarding the study of the American presidency include how gender plays a role in the many aspects of the institution, as well as differing perspectives on executive power. Pursuing a pre-law track, she is especially interested  in studying the ways in which the president interacts with the formal legal system.

photograph of Roksolana Salamakha

Roksolana Salamakha is a junior majoring in Political Science. As the 2020 election approached, she began listening to many podcasts focusing on the American presidency throughout its history. A common theme across US presidents centered on the different health complications that presidents experienced during their time in office. This spiked her interest as presidential health is often ignored, sometimes even intentionally so by presidents themselves. Aside from her academic work, she enjoys reading, hiking, spending time with my family, and exploring new exciting podcasts in my free time.

Gabriella Petrone is a senior studying English and Political Science. She has worked for the Special Collections Department at Muhlenberg’s Trexler Library and is President of the Xi Alpha chapter of Alpha Phi Omega. One of the highlights of her time at Muhlenberg has been learning about and traveling to Cuba. Photography is among her favorite hobbies. Gabby plans on attending school for library science in the Fall of 2021. She has a special interest in rare books and archival work. She is interested in how the American presidency has changed over time, and the implications of presidential rhetoric.

photograph of Alexandra Franchino

Alexandra Franchino is a senior English major and Political Science and Creative Writing double minor. Along with being Co-editor of the Muhlenberg Academic Review, she is a Lead Tutor in the Writing Center and a member of the women’s soccer team. She is currently writing an English honors thesis on Anne Enright, the Irish novelist. Alex plans on attending law school in Fall of 202. In her free time, she spends her time reading Irish literature and watching stand up comedy specials on Netflix.

Photograph of Henry Giwa

Henry Giwa is a senior majoring in Finance with a double minor in Political Science and Business Administration. He is currently a Residential Advisor, Student Conduct Board member, and is a former member of the President’s Diversity Advisory Council. He is interested in understanding different frameworks that characterize presidential rhetoric around immigration and how this shapes public sentiment about immigration.

photograph of Sophia Murillo

Sophia Murillo is a junior double major in Political Science and Theatre. Aside from her academic work, she spends most of her time working at Delicious Orchards, being on the board of Best Buddies Club Muhlenberg, singing in Muhlumination, and reading and watching the news. She currently resides in the small town of Keyport, which is the starting point of the Jersey Shore region. After graduation, she hopes to attend law school in NYC.

photograph of Ashleigh Correll

Ashleigh Correll is a junior double-majoring in Political Science and American Studies, so she is obviously very interested in Politics!  When she is not in school, she works as a Sales Associate at Old Navy in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, where she was born and raised (she recommends cold pizza and Farmer’s Iced Tea). After graduation, she would love to work in Washington D.C. with a political organization.

photograph of Yanet Ocampo

Yanet OcampoOcampo is a senior from Park City, Illinois who is double majoring in Political Science and French. At Muhlenberg, she is a part of the Student Government Association, Muhlenberg Cheerleading, and serves as Diversity Chair for Delta Zeta. After graduating, she hopes to pursue a career in Environmental Policy or Law. She is curious to learn more about how different aspects of the presidency have transformed throughout time.

photograph of Michaela Hoenig

Michaela Hoenig is a Political Science and Public Health double Major attending Muhlenberg College.

photograph of Zaire Carter

Zaire Carter is a junior double majoring in Theatre and Political Science. He is most compelled by the democratization of the presidency, the constitutional framework of the executive, and the Presidential image. Finally, he hopes everyone gets to vote this election and all future elections as our democracy only works if we participate in it.

photograph of Jason Grant

Jason Grant is the Co-Sports Editor of the Muhlenberg Weekly, as well as a double major in Political Science and Media and Communications. In his free time, Jason can be found playing sports or hanging with his dog.

photograph of Dominic Palumbo

Dominic Palumbo is a senior double major in Political Science and Media and Communications, as well as a member of the football team. He has five years of various political experience and plans on continuing in the field after graduation.

photograph of Thomas (Tommy) Spinelli

Thomas (Tommy) Spinelli is a senior from Chester, NJ, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Political Science and Public Health. He is a member of the Muhlenberg football team, a peer tutor, and a research assistant in the psychology department. He is excited to have contributed to this website and to take a deep dive into the American Presidency!

photograph of Erin Rogers

Erin Rogers is a senior from Monmouth Beach, New Jersey. She is a psychology major and double minor in political science and public health. She also plays on the women’s lacrosse team.

photograph of Max May

Max May is a sophomore Political Science and History double major. He is also a member of the Men’s Lacrosse team. Max is specifically interested in public opinion and how it relates to the Presidency.

Ben Gotian is a junior majoring in Political Science and is on the Pre-Law track. His interests include the unitary executive theory, legacies of Presidents, and the American Presidency’s comparative stature to other chief executives and heads of state around the world. Ben is a member of the Alpha Nu Chapter of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity and a saxophonist in the Muhlenberg Jazz Big Band and Wind Ensemble.